Ba Vi National Park


Address: Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi, Ha Noi
Ba Vi National Park is located on the pristine forests altitude from 100 - 1.296m of Ba Vi mountain grandeur. Forest vegetation is tropical and subtropical fairly typical in Vietnam, four seasons green trees, cool climate, fresh. Moreover Ba Vi National Park is known as the "lungs of Hanoi". Ba Vi Forest is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, many rare and precious species listed in the Red Data Book of Vietnam.

The total area of ​​Ba Vi National Park is 11 372 hectares wide. Due to high mountain terrain, forest cover made for the big three because the climate is cool and fresh, especially in the summer (from April to October calendar). In winter haze covering created a very impressive landscape.

Flora Ba Vi area has 862 species of vascular plants  According to scientists here can find a lot more plants to add to your checklist National Park. There are 15 species rare like blue cypress, the bamboo, approximately three shots, cheesy silver leaf, first flower, ferns, woody ...

Being in favor of the natural topography, climate created for Ba Vi National Park became one of four eco resort famous mountains (Da Lat, Sa Pa, Ba Vi, Tam Dao). Moreover Ba Vi mountain is a place of spiritual tourism of Vietnam. Annually Ba Vi National Park welcomed  thousands to visit and study.


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