Banh duc

Banh Duc
Banh duc, a delicacy that characterized Hanoi folk, the own style culinary capital Hanoi. Banh duc, the name is not new to everyone. However, a bit of variation in the material combinations and enjoy stems from the subtle elegance of Hanoi's cuisine will give you surprises banh duc with poetic meat pie.
The days will be chilly in Hanoi which was enjoying a bowl of hot meat pie is excelent, just called quiche. Mince banh duc, but also the ear just like banh duc dots rustic touch. Each make and bring a special flavor, very strange.
A few coriander stalks us, a handful of crunchy roasted peanuts, crushed, little onions mixed in the non-fire side molding bread bowl with water  constant waves, it was fragrant enough to bother you when the wind suddenly rushing back season . Piece of cake, but slipping down my throat every dish flavor on the tongue screw question ... Turns out, dried out bread molding, rustic delicacies Hanoi was also variation in this unique way


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