Dong Xuan market

Dong xuan market
Dong Xuan Market is built by the French government in 1890
At about 1990, the market was rebuilt, demolished two rows either side, three blocks between the three levels built up. Two sides and door panels are unloaded, but still keep the two outer columns.

In 1994, Dong Xuan market was a fire, the fire burned almost all the stalls in the market.

Dong Xuan Market is the wholesale market for wholesale as main. Formerly markets a variety of goods, but now mainly sell electronics, home appliances, clothing fabrics. Behind the market are selling pet birds. Foodstuffs and food sold in major markets spanning. North of the market, is the food, serve food all night. Around the markets always crowded bustle. Goods transported here from all over the North.

Dong Xuan night market introduction in 2003 has diversified operations of both markets to serve the needs of the entertainment shopping tourists. Dong Xuan Night Market connect with Hang Dao street walk - Dong Xuan night market forming chains extending from the shores of Lake and Dong Xuan market, attracting a large number of people in Hanoi and visiting tourists, shopping


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