Hanoi dried beef salad

Hanoi dried beef salad
Name the dried beef salad, but an indispensable component of the dish is the green papaya, grated carrot fiber. Beef dried impregnated spices to infuse carefully before peppers, sugar ... then to the oven, to shrivel meat, red fire, saw looked spicy. Dried beef, the procession will be stripped stranded meat, the rest will be shredded.

Hanoi dried beef salad simple, delicious, and if a poll for the most colorful dishes, it deserves to be named as well.
Green papaya, carrots fibroblasts after processing to the disk for the crispy, roasted peanuts, hulled and crushed, add herbs, the dried beef top is sprinkled with red center of the dish. All the water is put up a salty spicy sweet and sour mix very cleverly, so that when people eat mixed salad on plate, each piece is a spicy broth, so good.
Papaya salad was not unfamiliar with the Vietnamese, but the papaya salad mixed with dried beef aftertaste brings a lot more unique. Beef aromatic, spicy, when combined with the crunchy, cool green papaya make food without feeling monotonous.
Dried beef salad indispensable roasted peanuts and oregano leaves. Disc mannequins dotted with peanuts not only more beautiful, but also bring to the fleshy fat. Aromatic oregano leaves, the cool, spicy hot dishes featured as dried beef flavored salad of leafy cool, Vietnamese dishes always contain the neutralization seemingly random but even downright reasonable.


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