Nem chua fried

Nem chua fried
Nem chua fried was a different kind of nem chua. Also, for those materials that, but how to make it a little more creative as a new flavor, very unusual and very tasty.
Nem chua is fried spring rolls are annealed to a certain level then tempura fried. Wedges fried golden brown color is very beautiful. Not difficult to find a good restaurant fried nem chua in Hanoi. Every evening 5pm onwards range, the busiest bar rolls back customers with all ages, especially young people and women.
It is also the ideal venue for a variety of after school when students can gather "gossip", release the tired after school. Also thanks to the customers happy and this gourmet restaurant buzz rolls always fun.
You must go to the shop  spring rolls once, sitting huddled on plastic chairs will feel crowded atmosphere here. Whenever she visits and shippers have the opportunity to offer a smile and quick batch fried fragrant rice paper. Finished pieces fried rolls, thereby maintaining the skin crispy but soft inside. Crunchy but not hard, flat plastic but no, once is enough food remember.
Finished spring rolls, depending on which is expressed in different ways. There are then placed directly rolls up to the banana leaves to be dried fat wedges. Besides having all kinds of dishes with the food, which is jicama, cucumbers or green mango, chilli sauce. All are contained in a large plastic tray. Those who enjoy the chance to sit huddled on plastic chairs along the road, holding a bamboo stick skewer each piece of rice paper, just ate broth.
Sour foods include fried spring rolls are also very rich. Common cucumber, jicama and mango marinated green tomatoes, sweet, spicy. Blending with the fatty, spicy aroma of nem is the sweet chili sauce and the cucumber cool. All make a very special flavor.
Tray spring rolls are always presented in full color, yellow color of the skin but inside the peach wedges, fresh green color of cucumber, jicama and white hat on a dark red chili sauce. Everything strange fascinating harmony. Men who eat fried nem chua or more calls to sip cups of white wine, and women are just the bare glass of iced tea or a tasty enough for penetration, so that's salty dishes.
Nem chua made fried delicacies menu Hanoi streets more abundant and unique. Whether the weather is in the lower or mid-winter, the spring rolls restaurant is never constant customers. Old customers back to enjoy such a habit, new customers should get to eat hear. Customers in the most remote capital Hanoi is impossible to friends to invite each other out of fried nem chua ...
If you have the opportunity to enjoy Hanoi dish was delicious and weird in the mouth this: Hang Bong Street, Giang Vo Street, Fair Kim Lien.


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