Spring rolls  are a traditional food and every international friends knows. Foreigners in Vietnam, when asked what most like to eat, most of them answered :like spring rolls
Shoulder lean minced meat, fresh shrimp diced or sliced​​, marinated with chopped onions, pepper, and 1 bit of spice seasoning for 45 minutes to 1 hour to infuse. mushrooms, mushrooms washed, soaked and chopped. carrots, jicama, diced onion, chopped 1cm prices, kohlrabi (if any) state only, chopped short. Mix all the marinade to penetrate the meat and shrimp. Beating eggs (yolks taken) and blend well until all ingredients together finely.
“Nem” book: cover pancake flat disc (or whatever flat for easy rolling), classified material and roll again. The length and loudness of rolls depends taste each family. When the note book not too tightly. If caught too tight rolls, fried easily cracks when broken, and not look or burnt.
Bring pan on the stove, pour cooking oil, wait cooking oil  simmer, then drop into the fried spring rolls. Be careful not to fire too big or too small for rolls that will not burn out in the ninth, or the oil seep easily bored. Should a spill flooded rice paper pieces for easy rolls are cooked and golden sides. Turn the rolls are 2 sides to yellow cumbersome. No flipping or throwing too many times when the pieces are soft rice paper rolls to avoid rupture
While throwing nine gold, to be absorbed fat rolls murmuring through filter paper and then placed on the plate, decorated with a bit of lettuce, tomato and cilantro. How to enjoy a very diverse rolls. You can eat and (eat Nem without anything, not with other foods). Typically, spring rolls served with noodles or fried (microfiber), pickles (made ​​from papaya and kohlrabi). You can also enjoy the spring rolls with rice, boiled spinach, or eaten in grilled meat bun cha. Yummy!

Special: delicious dish nem only when the sauce delicious. Let the sauce mix as follows: Make a mixture with minced garlic, minced chili, mixed with sugar, a bit of fish sauce and rice vinegar. then slowly cooled to the boiling water to the mixture until you are satisfied with your mouth and eat enough. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice to the sauce with sweet fragrance. How to mix the sauce is so simple, but so it has mouths to feed, there is no precise quantitative, you just mouth tasting okay.


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