Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi
Hanoi Pho is a famous delicacy, taste typical cuisine capital Hanoi. But is not the birthplace of traditional Pho in Vietnam, but Hanoi people has raised the Pho Hanoi became famous delicacies not only in Vietnam but also reach the world and the pride of the  Hanoi people fore time and now. Pho in Vietnam has shortlisted 50 most delicious food world by CNN poll.

Do not know, Pho Hanoi never own, just know that the soup went on lots of pages of documents
. Pho is Pho "classic", cooked with beef, "and used in fresh water, but not crushed plastic wheels, bucket crispy and not fatty meat tough, lemon pepper with onion and for all", "fresh herbs, north pepper, lemon drops nuggets intense, the more points a little tomato stems, slight as a suspect. " In the 1940s, popular Pho in Hanoi: "That's all day dining gifts of all kinds of people, especially civil servants and workman ship. One morning Pho, Pho noodle lunch and dinner ....
Pho Ha Noi is used exclusively as a gift or light lunch and dinner, do not eat with other dishes. Pho broth made from the bones of cattle water security: local bone, and tibia bones rhymes. Meat can be used for pho is beef, or chicken. Thin and long noodles to soft, the soup is spicy green onion, pepper, vinegar peppers, lemon slices states.
Always new hot pho to eat delicious, Hanoi people who also served with small pieces of turns. However, to get these delicious Pho depending on experience and professional know-how of traditional cooking, delicious Hanoi wonderful.
In Ha Noi Pho broth processing stages, called broth, is the most important step. Pho broth is traditional to the security of bovine tibia with some spices. Bones must be washed, scraped clean of meat clinging to the bones with cold water boilers. First bone broth to pour away from contaminated water used to smell of cow bones, boiled water was later used in soups. Grilled onions and ginger have also been added. Big fire to boil hot water is turned on, the water to a boil, then reduce heat to start and Skim. When rescued off foam, add a little cold water and wait for the water to continue to boil Skim ... Just do so repeatedly until the water in the foam residue and no more. Then, for a little spice in and adjust the flame so that the water pot simmer just to keep the water from being cut from the bone and sweeteners have time to dissolve into the broth.
We can say, Pho Hanoi is the sweet naivete of beef bones, the aroma of cooked meat to remain flexible to the point that not long. Color in the noodle, thin rice noodles and soft. One look is enough to bowl a quality that discerning, careful in eating of Hanoi. A handful of rice noodles were lightly spread out soft water in the bowl, on top of the slices of thinly sliced ​​meats such as silk flowers out of some green tops peeled, pretty much stemmed herbs, lemon yellow little jerkily move as smooth silk, to add a few slices of medium sliced ​​red chili color flowers have dark porch.


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