Uncle Ho's stilt house

Uncle Ho's stilt house
Address: Located in the campus of the Presidential Palace, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

Situated in the large garden behind the Presidential Palace, Uncle Ho's stilt house situated between the idyllic small canopy, gravel driveway, flanked by mango trees, hibiscus fence surrounding the house, with the entrance to the interwoven twigs. It is the home of Uncle Ho lived and worked from 5/17/1958 until he died.
Downstairs floor is where he used to meet with the Politburo. Upstairs are two small rooms, work places and Uncle bedroom with simple things, simple. Before stilt is fish pond, the pond is the orchids bloom year round.

After the house is a garden with hundreds fruit trees of local plant taken, such as apple tree of the Southern people to send donations Uncle 1954, Phuc Trach grapefruit, Bien Hoa Linh, Hai Hung orange, Xuan Mai Van Du, Social Doai; citrus Cafe, Ly Nhan Thien blade apples, Ngoc Ho…). In the garden there are plants from abroad as thousands of flowers, mallow plants growing around the pond, palm tree king of Caribbean origin ..
People from all over the country as well as international visitors to Hanoi, everyone wants to visit President Ho Chi Minh, Uncle Ho's house to visit and walk around the historic Ba Dinh Square..


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