Van Phuc silk village

Van Phuc silk village
Van Phuc silk village

Address: Van Phuc Silk Village is situated on the banks of the river Threshold, Ha Dong, Hanoi.

Van Phuc is a silk weaving village famous ancient beauty, famous for silk weaving tradition. "Ha Dong Silk" as well as the products of traditional craft villages in Hanoi, often referred to in ancient poetry. In many families, old looms have been retained, interspersed with modern mechanical looms.

According to legend, 1,200 years ago, Mrs A La Thi Nuong, a girl in Cao Bang famous resourceful and ingenious hand silk weaving village of Van Phuc made law. She was handing back to the villagers and after he died, she was named the royal village.

Van Phuc silk was first introduced at the international fairs Marseille (1931) and Paris (1938), which the French regarded as products of the sophisticated French Indochina, is very popular in the country France, Thailand, Indonesia ... From 1958 to 1988, Van Phuc silk products are mostly exported to countries in Eastern Europe, between 1990 and exported to many countries around the world, foreign exchange earnings to the country.

Today, Van Phuc silk through generations, artisans and weavers has constantly improved, advanced manufacturing techniques. Therefore, though Van Phuc silk in any kind reached flawless, smooth shiny and soft with iridescent colors, fine lines, as well as sink, kind of elegant, kind of brilliant.

Over the generations, Van Phuc silk retains the traditional art of calligraphy. The pattern is always symmetrical decoration, decorative lines are not complicated and complex but always soft, liberal, definitely. Therefore, Van Phuc silk is not only popular in the country that was beyond the territory of Vietnam to hand connoisseurs four


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