Duck grass Van Dinh

Duck grass Van Dinh
Ducks  grass Van Dinh from long time ago  has become brand quite famous cuisine in Hanoi. With original material is available just drop the screw in the delta areas of Ung Hoa district, along with the processing resources of the Van Dinh chef, has created attractive delicacies
Under 21B - East direction from Hanoi to Perfume Pagoda about 28km away - will Van Dinh town, home of Duck brand that many people already know. Traditionally, usually after a pilgrimage to Huong Pagoda,  visitors will stop to enjoy. It was evening time, when the town along the route is about 1.5 km hundreds grass duck restaurant ready for customers by appealing characteristic aroma of oven roasted duck, known bartender's call .

Perhaps the hungry, tired after a whole day tired pilgrims climbing, the delicious food they have become comfortable. However, the diners are eating grass duck precise valve or not is very difficult to distinguish by way of cooking here.
According to Van Dinh housewife, just drop the standard screw around 4-5 months, weighing about 1.2-1.3 kg least, until the dish is made ​​only 7-8 ounces can not filled a large plate. Indeed, Van Dinh screw up tight to the disc which is derived from the other ducks are raised in the same area as: Ducks elected, super duck, white-winged duck ... I am not saying that is the consistency of this place fool customers. In fact, a duck-like grass is very difficult to prepare for because farmers do not have much too small for their difficulty and low economic efficiency. Currently only the small farmers in the vicinity, but mainly to serve families and keep a delicious specialties like duck.


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