Hanoi apartment for rent

Hanoi apartment for rent
Hanoi apartment for rent
When visitors to Hanoi, it's easy to find place, depends on the ability of customers to pay. From 5 star hotels to smallmotels. Here is a list of hotels in Hanoi where you can stay. Now I show you another way to get a seat at the time travel in Hanoi.
The first way: live with the host
  Today many families Hanoi want to rent to foreigners. You and the owner will live together. The owner wants to communicate with foreigners, expanding knowledge of foreign languages​​, and have additional income.
And for  tourists it is also great when you want to learn the customs and traditions of Hanoi people. And you can get to eat the food of Hanoi with homeowners. You should pay for eating every meal and you do not have to worry about eating everyday account.. You should only contribute every day or every meal. You should not contribute weekly or monthly for homeowners although they ask.
Because you are traveling around Hanoi Rather you just sit home and eat.. When visiting Hanoi, there are plenty of delicious food specialties, and you are spoiled for choice and enjoy. The delicious food that you can refer to Hanoi delicious food.
And one more thing, when you pay for home meals you only need to contribute 10-15$/1 person/ 1 day(2 meals) you can get a good meal

The second way: rental apartment
In the apartment : fresh air, quiet, and somewhat similar to the apartment on your country
Currently, Vietnam's real estate is frozen. Number of apartments very much. You will easily find a satisfactory apartment. You should look for apartments that are fully equipped. Rental apartments depending on location apartment, far from the center or not.
Center Hanoi Hoan Kiem Lake, Turtle Tower. Rental housing is very expensive here, it's best to hire a little far from the center in a much cheaper price.
For example, apartment Viet Hung, the distance to the center of Hanoi is 10 km, the rent is only $ 250 / month
Now public transportation in Hanoi is developing so, you go to the center of Hanoi very convenient. You will save considerable costs

You can search on the internet: hanoi apartment for rent And you can find a price that fits your abilities and apartments location


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