Hanoi zoo

Hanoi zoo
Hanoi zoo inside the property has a large pool, large tracts of land between the lake is oval shaped like tears.
Hanoi zoo is about 5 km to the west from center of Hanoi, Kim Ma street corner, Cau Giay, the Buoi, Dao Tan and Nguyen Van Ngoc Street, adjacent to the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, officially started May 19 in 1975, and two years later opened its doors to visitors. The park is located on the territory of the village of Thu Le, an ancient village from the Ly dynasty (eleventh century), the villages of the area tied to divine worship in Voi Phuc Temp.
Hanoi zoo is built on a beautiful terrain: about 29 hectares, with vast lake stretching covered mound as swarms dragon, snake chasing each other; Cow Mountain, Voi Phuc Temple si dense shade.
Before the completion of the Hanoi zoo, animals reared in Hanoi Botanical Garden. Once established, the zoo only 300 individuals of 30 species. Up to now, Hanoi Zoo has nearly 600 individuals of 95 species, including many rare species such as lions, hippos, tigers, elephants, crocodiles, wild horses ... The total area of ​​Hanoi Zoo is now 20 hectares, visited each year 1.5-2 million visitors [1].
Hanoi zoo or Thu Le park is a zoo is divided into several zones: Zone reptile breeding snakes, lizards, crocodiles. The area is located on a stretch of land with lakes, creating cavities suitable for the species lives. Area bird has, pheasants, love birds, flamingos, storks, cranes, songbirds such as the nightingale, babbler. The facility runs on the Voi Phuc temple entrance. Zone predators including tigers, leopards, lions, bears with a cage-like system of caves, which are mixed into the barn, deer, monkeys, weasels, civets, gibbons and elephants.

Time is too short not to pose for the ancient landscape lush shade but also contribute Hanoi zoo purify polluted atmosphere in the heart of the city.


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