How to call to Viet Nam (Fixed phones)

Fixed phone
How to call to Viet Nam (Fixed phones)
Like all countries in the world, with Fixed phones and mobile phone number
How to call the Fixed phones
-From overseas call: 84-area code-phone number
Code of Hanoi is 4
Code of Ho Chi Minh City is 8
Code of Thanh Hoa is 37
If the phone number you want to call is 34567321 (normal telephone number of Vietnam often have 8 digits, some provinces have 7 digits). The first number in the 8-digit number  is usually No 3
Then you will call as follows:
-If the call to Hanoi: 84-4-34567321
-If the call to Ho Chi Minh City: 84-8-34567321
If you have been in Vietnam, then you do not have to dial 84. You just have to click 04-3-4567321 (remember that the 0 at the beginning), Call to Ho Chi Minh City 04-8-34567321.


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