Le Mat Snake Village

Le Mat Snake Village
Le Mat is a village in Viet Hung ward, Long Bien district, about 7 km north-east from the center of Hanoi (now Viet Hung ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi). The village is famous for starting solid craft and specialty meat processing solid.
Le Mat village built during the Nguyen Dynasty architectural style, is still quite intact, the front yard with pond and a large family, family port also recorded a series of questions for the honor of the Holy Royal status. About March (lunar calendar) every year, the people of the former Camp Tam Cross and tourists flocked to the four winds bring fragrance, gifts, just to attend the festival village
The festival is organized and meticulous scale to prepare for weeks before the ritual takes place. The village artisans were at work in effigy shape a giant snake (representing Kappa). The youth in the village are healthy options on the dance team and played solid guy they signed off. A beautiful young woman is also carefully selected to play princess. On the day of the meeting (lunar March 23), all in the family, outside the village are decorated, flags, staging a variety show, lit candles, incense smoke spiraling up. People fishing in the family pond to draw water from wells salad and home made ​​offerings to gods rise.
Specialties from snake
According to this tradition, Le Mat village people hold strong and professional development to capture snakes, snake breeding ... We can say, snake is the symbol of the village, is the basic job of multiple or single family in Le Mat. It became famous snake village in Vietnam.

Le Mat village liquor
Today the village has many restaurants serving dishes made ​​from solid. Because it's so traditional craft people well versed in the catch, farming and food processing, solid products.

List of restaurants in the village of Le Mat
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And there are many other small restaurants


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