List of emergency phone numbers

Emergency phone numbers
List of emergency phone numbers
No. 113: Police fast response
No. 114: The emergency fire and rescue when needed
No. 115: Medical Emergency
No. 1800 1567: Detecting child abuse cases, women, family violence
All emergency telephone numbers are just entering the phone number without area code to call the incident.
When incidents occur that need the most is that you have to be calm to call the exact number you need to get help fast
When to call the number 113: When a traffic accident occurs, the elements for the crime, violation of social order and safety, robbery, fighting, violence ... Call 113 to get police to respond quickly timely intervention
When to call 114: Upon the occurrence of any incident involving fire, drowning, collapsed houses, stuck elevators ... for firefighters and rescue to help.
When to call the number 115: to meet the circumstances related to injury or disease.
When called '1800 1567: Upon detection of child abuse cases, women, domestic violence or need health advice, family nutrition, people can call the hotline 1800 1567.


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    Medical Emergency
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    General Information
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