Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge
Long Bien Bridge - Cultural Heritage in Ha Noi
Over 100 years ago, on May 9/1898, the French had a groundbreaking ceremony for the bridge crossing the river. The building consists of 20 pillars and abutments pedestal, and 30 meters high with a depth of 13.5 m at low water. The right bank is 800m long arch bridge, the whole body is 2,500 m. Unique feature of the bridge is the road sides, railway in the left aisle. On 2/1902 inaugurated the bridge, as well as roads connecting Ha Noi, Hai Phong railway track and the first set of railroad Indochina. Then, Long Bien is one of four major bridges in the world, most notably in the Far East.
Long Bien Bridge history associated with both war gods of the nation, as well as witnessing the transformation of the country went up from uniform. Long Bien Bridge is a part of the capital, Hanoi, so all the events have occurred national stature in Hanoi has witnessed and participated of the bridge. 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square. In 10/1954, the sea flooded Hanoi Liberation Day flags capitals. American War, tank guns footsteps on the bridge support for the South team. 21 years after the liberation of the capital, also witnessed the joy of independence and freedom happiness joy on the faces of Hanoi liberation.
This was the second longest bridge in the world - is known as the Eiffel Tower of Hanoi landscape - just after the Brooklyn Bridge crossing East River-River of America
The bridge has witnessed countless events of the whole nation. Two outstanding events of the twentieth century the people of Vietnam is the war against France in 1954, returned to independence for the people of Vietnam. Next came the years of fierce war against the U.S., but under bombs the Long Bien Bridge still standing to this day.
Hanoi people still refer to the attachment to the Long Bien bridge in each sentence and gaze. More than 100 years have passed, but the value of the past is deposited on each bridge. The country changed,  the capital changed but value of the Long Bien bridge symbol is forever lasting.
Long Bien Bridge has become a symbol of longevity, the beauty and the value of history, past and present, the cultural heritage of the future development of Hanoi.


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