Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong
For a long time, Hanoi people is famous for traditional food culture. In hundreds of thousands of lists dishes of traditional food cultures that flaws will be mentioned if not delicious dish famous folk have had that luxury or gourmet diners to find, which is item Cha Ca La Vong.
This fish is marinated, grilled over charcoal then pan fried in fat, due to their family home at 14  Cha Ca Street (formerly Hang Son) in the old town and keep the trade secret name it as above.
Cha Ca La Vong is the hot food, eating, picking up pieces of fish bowl, sprinkle the fat water (boiling up, served with grilled bread or bun multiple disorders, roasted peanuts, cilantro, Lang basil, fennel, onions dotted with small chopped fresh shrimp sauce. sauce to shrimp prepared by squeezing fresh lemon, add peppers, beat up and sparkling little more investigation belostomatid oil, add a few drops of white wine, a little fat and sugar water. extra folds noodles and herbs: scallions, onions, dill, basil and roasted peanuts touch ... grilled fish dish fragrant, sweet, fleshy, fat.
Yellow fish pieces marinated nursery and pre-processing. When enjoying, bar staff will turn to the kitchen and poured fish oil available on the island, next to it is, the island of the same length of cut flowers. By the time everything cooked, you just pick up the food, the fire next time fish up to the aroma very appealing.
In Hanoi there are many restaurants now sell fried fish, but the oldest address, not to mention the most famous Cha Ca La Vong restaurant - 14 Cha Ca Street is the most original, most fish are still here hemibagrus standards, elsewhere it is often prepared with fried fish and catfish fishing results, perhaps in part because hemibagrus rare and more expensive.


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