One Pillar Pagoda

One Pillar Pagoda
One Pillar Pagoda: Essence am forever thousand years
With historical values​​, human values ​​and imbued with Buddhist thought, the One Pillar Pagoda was officially record the Asian Organization (Fa-ri-multi-bowl, India), setting a record that "the unique temple architecture in Asia ", to become the indispensable travel handbook visiting Hanoi
One Pillar Pagoda, while not spectacular, but it brings a unique beauty, erected just a pillar but can still stand firmly, do not topple over time. Guest afar every time someone visited the temple is not surprised by the unique architecture of it. Lotus flower is considered the symbol of the temple, lotus is a beautiful flower, symbolizes much flavor essence beauty, noble. But do not just stop at that it is also a symbol of wisdom, of immortality, salvation through intellectual perception bold to go to nirvana.

Over the years, the One Pillar Pagoda was renovated, restored several times over the Tran, Hau Le, Nguyen. In 1954, before the withdrawal from Hanoi, the French military explosives through the One Pillar Pagoda. In 1955, the Ministry of Culture for restoration Pillar Pagoda and Union stations flower (lotus petals) by architect Nguyen Ba Lang charge.

One Pillar Pagoda unlike any Buddhist tower which, though not large, but the temple bold philosophy in the humanities: the outer square represents the sound, and the column circle symbolizes positive, the negative positive, positive in tone. This is the same rule circulatory birth, similar engraving of the cosmos. The beauty of it is just ancient majesty, just bring the lighter tone of the Buddhist world.

Over thousands of years with many ups and downs of history Pillar Pagoda retains the spirit of the ancient Thang Long. One Pillar Pagoda today but not shaped like lotus petals on stone pillars like the old days, but the temple is situated between the rising water has also suggested formation of a lotus flower lying in the middle of the lake.
One Pillar Pagoda, also known as the lotus building, shaped like a lotus rising above the water. Square wooden pagoda, one tile each side 3m, on a pillar with a diameter of 1.2 m, which is the unique feature of the temple. Pillar consists of two interconnected blocks, seemingly just a block. 4m high stone pillar (not including the submerged land). The cylindrical body carrying eight wooden wings, reminiscent of a lotus flower, with a dream to eat eight large columns and side columns support the roof of the horizontal blow. Moon roof is on fire temple, the dragons. In the temple, Guan Yin Buddha statue is located. Above the statue is horizontal "Union station flowers." Guan Yin Buddha sitting on a lotus flower and wooden lacquer trimmed with gold, in the highest position. Temple roof with four, four curves are inverted head up the dragon. One Pillar Pagoda has religious significance to culture large scale but scaled back to ensure architectural lotus image. From the airport to the floor chanting Buddhist prayers, crossed the 13 level 1.4 m wide, flanked by brick, stone tied introduced historic temple.

One Pillar Pagoda built in the middle of lotus lakes drop, each side 20m pool, surrounded with low walls. Domestic and foreign visitors to sightseeing, enjoy the lake lotus exuding greatness of Buddha Avalokiteshvara, the talents of the artists imaginative architecture has surpassed all contemporary architecture.

After planting the Bodhi temple of Pra-President brought from India to see Uncle Ho in December gave 2-1958. This tree is removed from the Bodhi tree where Gautama attained enlightenment. Around the temple there are many shady perennials increases seem quiet, nihilistic, fanciful.


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