Snake meat

Snake meat
In traditional medicine, is a solid form drugs dish (food) or drink alcohol soaked.
Liquor increased vitality

Snakes are many different species, usually divided into non-poisonous snakes and poisonous snakes. Snakes such as Cobra, cobra, scorpion snakes nia (solid damask tomorrow), kraits snake (cobra fire), indigo snakes curl (viper) ... their venom can be fatal. The non-poisonous snakes like snakes subdued olive, water snakes, snake flower weight, rat snakes ...
Liquor bottle usually consists of a set of 3 cobra snake, or scorpion nia kraits and rat snakes. Snakes head cut off, to the skin, intestines ripped out confidential except for your own use. Wipe dry with a paper copy (no rinse water so the meat will smell), then cut into pieces, soaked in ginger wine, baked to golden pineapple. Crushed, soaked alcohol in a ratio of 3 parts alcohol snake meat to 400C for 15-20 days, as long as possible. There are people still buried where the average annual solid ground for new users. Every day after dinner drink 20ml. There can soak your snake meat with plant-derived drugs such as contingent in packaging, knotweed red blood Statistics class, style room, stand operation, millennium event (added effects, strongest tendon), or cinnamon in (to add aromatic and hot). There are 3 types of snakes when I was soaked with sea ginseng (a valuable seafood specialties) to enhance vitality as "the Three Wine bar - Sea cucumbers"

To increase the simplicity and attractive, people often leave all 3 snakes (venomous left) soaked for a long time that alcohol drinking. There are 5 people to use the cobra snake, kraits, tiger buffalo, rat snakes and sprinkle with 1 stripe soaked birds Bim duped into five wine bar.

Snake Meat solid healing

Long, snake meat has been recognized as a valuable medicinal soap, named humiliation. Snake meat is sweet, salty, fishy smell, the warmth, the experience can, work style reduction, pain relief, lower than, antidotal treat nerve pain, dissatisfaction busts, sore joints, tired limbs numbness, seizures, toxic boils, sores, syphilis, colon music.

Some solid honey mixed in alcohol to drink. Like any animal density, solid density should not be toxic. Many cases of poisoning caused by drinking snake bile. In addition, women, children and people with allergies should not eat snakes.
In folklore, people often use solid meat (without skin) form - food as medicine rim, made ​​with minced shrimp or guise leaves, the smell of the ship and then baked spine corruption, which contain essential for your body type such as leucine, lysine, arginine, valine, and quality fats saponosid. From snake meat can be processed into delicious food, nutrition, and healing effects.

Meat solid ranks of high-end food and nutrition. Each snake tastes slightly different but they are all anti-food joints pain, arthritis treatment and health promotion.

From the solid can be processed in less than 10 different dishes such as meat pancake solid contact, solid milling, stir-fried, rolls, solid discharge tunnel, potential herbal solid, solid green bean soup, stuffed snakes ... In which potential solid complementary medicine is food in the dish snake, which uses anti-pain and liver. Note the snake meat is ginger juice or alcohol use clean, absolutely not wash with water.


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