Tien Minh received hot bonus 200 million vnd

Tien Minh receied hot bonus 200 million vnd
IDC Donor Day BECAMEX 13-8 unexpectedly gave hot bonus for victories won the Tien Minh’s world bronze medal of $ 200 million, see it as a motivation to  No. 1 tennis player of Vietnam aims to continue the consumption Super Series champion and medalist SEA Games ... Calculate the total prize money from industry, unions and donors badminton, Tien Minh will receive 321 million.

This morning, 13-8, just a few hours before leaving to move to India Pune Vijetas Club Super Cup tournament and India Badminton Club, tennis player Nguyen Tien Minh has received good news when the donor BECAMEX IDC said 200 million bonus hot for him because of victories won the bronze medal in the world.


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