Co Loa citadel

Co Loa citadel
This is a metropolitan area of Au Lac , III century BC , An Duong Vuong 's reign and was the first capital of independent feudal state with King Ngo Quyen in 939 .

Co Loa Citadel built by An Duong Vuong , the legend of grade 9 , there are only traces of three layers : the inside , the middle and the outer wall of interlocking . All three rounds of about 16 km long , wider 400ha . Cards Hoang Giang River that boasts natural surrounds , front is connected to the Red River and Bridge River , should Co Loa was the major port of the country .

The average height of this wall is 5 meters , width of 6 to 12m , 20 to 30m sincere , only 3 rounds remaining landfill volume has more than 2 million m3 , demonstrate Co Loa is a the massive building , a large labor achievements of our people in ancient times . Militarily , the Co Loa is a solid defense and the pros and cons . The outside of the block wall stood as invaders . The gentle hand near the stairs to go back troops patrolling and guarding of the athletes up quickly . Outside the foot of a deep moat connected with the Yellow River became the transportation of water are dangerous forces . The structure of the Co Loa particularly well . The same is a rectangular symmetry . There are two rounds out no formless , the distance between the rings is uneven , so generally as spiral so that the speaker called ( The Real ) .
Legend has it that when building The building itself back up into high dump thanks to Tran Tien Huyen Vu except love white chicken , the new building is finished . After god Kim has appeared in The Yellow River , this place is a stone bridge in the marketplace Sa , god god nails to get it to hold water .

After a 50 year reign , King Zhao Tuo Shu duped Trong Thuy 's child to marry the princess My Chau bridge and groom . Trong Thuy theft it user to bring their army to steal his father's Au Lac . Millions winner Military Day was the day of the tragic love My Chau - Trong Thuy .

Thuc An Duong Vuong Temple , built in 1687 Le Hy Tong , revised in 1689 often called the Temple of God , standing on a hill of the old king is also lost . Temple doors with two stone dragons curving arms beard , sculpture Le . The beer is 3 stone tablet carved in 1606 . In the temple there do sometimes pink horse 1716 , 1897 bronze Shu King , weighs 255kg .

Ngoc Anh in front of the temple , is a semicircular lake , between the embankment forming well rounded pearls . Legend has it that this is where after betrayal , Trong Thuy suicide , the wells are washed pearl bright pearl multiplies , so the name .

Am Lady , Princess My Chau statue is a natural stone with the headless figure . Legend has it that after American continent into the rock to piano drift beach , east of Co Loa  citadel. People bring in a hammock on a stretcher to the original multi- sag off , falling rock , am church went up on the spot . On the walls are paintings am diaphragm etched poems of poet Han Chu Manh Trinh .

Dinh Ngu Trieu Di Quy , built on the old electric throne , in 1907 during the Nguyen Dynasty . Bulk solid , surface generation , soaring curved roof executioner . Column family can sometimes Ton sentences of theory , a leader should be United against France .

Co Loa Temple Festival held annually in early spring . Loa is an archaeological site with many important artifacts have been excavated Neolithic , Bronze ... this is proving residence of the original , this new found space to the right the inner zone . The precious relic that makes Co Loa history , very dear , very proud .



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