Crab rolls

Nem của bể Hải Phòng.
Crab rolls
The cumbersome yellow rolls, crispy, combined with the help of meat crab dish more delicious and charming.

Crab rolls  became familiar dining destination for diners not only domestic but also foreign visitors
The palm-rolls to square packed and insulated with multi-layer cake. Nem finished frying cumbersome yellow, while lighter bites that hot, crispy melt in your mouth. Human rolls made ​​of crab meat (raw material), minced pork, shrimp eggs mushrooms ... plus it tastes less sweet sound, easy to eat. Nem was served with white rice noodles, herbs, salad spoon and add to the sauce diluted with carrots and papaya. The aroma of the crab meat inside and crispy outside of the pancake is the chemistry enough to captivate any discerning guest does.

In 2012, CNN  crab rolls has been voted one of the ten interesting dishes that visitors should not miss. Crab rolls restaurant at 123 Bui Thi Xuan, Hanoi has moved to a new location 117 Bui Thi Xuan Street, not far from the old address. With the new address, diners will enjoy a meal in a dining space and elegant sophistication. Even at that address, consistency is always pleasing to many gourmet crab spring rolls,


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