Shrimp fried salted egg sauce

Shrimp fried salted egg sauce
Shrimp fried salted egg sauce
Brings a lot of flavor in dishes such as the fresh shrimp with salty savory combination of salted egg yolk and oil of bitter vinegar, this dish brings a touch of fun family weekend.
1. Pre-processing
- Shrimp just back off, seepage drain.
- Steamed salted duck eggs, yolks finely disseminated get. Chopped scallions. Onions thin cell, rinse water, and drain.
- Phase dressing: mix the water 2M, 1.5 M LISA rice vinegar, sugar 2M, 1M cooking oil, onion cell 1m, salt 1/2m, 1/2m target.
2. Fried shrimp
- Heat the cooking oil, turn shrimp are coated with powder-coated dried Aji Quick fried, then fried golden, remove and drain the oil.
- 3M Heat the vegetable oil, salt to egg yolks, fried shrimp into shock quickly, 1m sprinkle scallions and remove from the heat.
3. How to use
- Put shrimp plate with watercress, tomato, onion and oil and vinegar. Dotted with lemon pepper and salt.


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