Spaghetti with beef hash

Spaghetti with beef hash
Spaghetti with beef hash
This is a dish with the taste of the young, energetic, easy to do, less time consuming, delicious taste and attractive.
1. Pre-processing
- Marinated beef with little small pepper, soy sauce 1/2M "Fuji" and 1 less cold water to mix with chopsticks to beef, to infiltration.
- Onion, diced carrots. Cook the onion, carrots, peas in boiling water, then cooled, take out quickly in cold water, drain.
- Cook the pasta in boiling water with 1 less oil, boiled in the correct time on the packaging. Fish out cold rinse, drain.
- Eggs fried sunny side.
2. Stir fry noodles
- Heat butter, fry the onion, garlic next to, add beef stir-fry hunting, seasoned tomato sauce, tomato box, and Aji-1 it tasty ® granules and stir fry for about 1 minute more sauce absorbed into the beef. After all the carrots, peas and pasta stir.
3. How to use
- For a plate of spaghetti, fried egg placed over, garnish with parsley. Follow sauce "Fuji".


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