Tam Dao

This article introduce  Tam Đảo.Why? Because Tam Dao nofar from Hanoi. Tam Dao is a limestone mountains in northeastern Vietnam is located in three provinces of Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang. Called Tam Dao, because here there are three high mountain rising sea clouds. TOPS highest absolute altitude is 1,591 m. Tam Dao Mountains formed 230 million years ago in the mid-Triassic volcanic activity caused by the eruption of lava in installments overlap. Due to relatively steep, so in Tam Dao has many streams and waterfalls. Silver Falls is 50m high, white foam boiling water down even in the dry season. Also because of the steep, so the flora here is quite diverse and vary with altitude. Many fruits and vegetables are grown in temperate Tam Island and give the surrounding area, especially for Hanoi. The higher the coniferous trees in them as much. Toad fish, the animals endemic to Tam Dao. Tam Dao National Park is 36 883 hectares is the full width of the range. In Tam Dao has many mineral resources, most notably tin. On the Tam Dao range of cultural relics famous historic temple and shrine Western Emperor Western Emperor (aka Mother Temple)

Tam Dao is a famous tourist resort in the North.


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