Tay Thien pagoda

Tay Thien pagoda
Tay Thien scenic area is considered sacred land of Tam Dao range - Vinh Phuc , where the focus is very much pagodas, temples , ancient temples ... Thus, every spring on the Tay Thien attracted thousands of pilgrims pilgrims come here , worshiping and financial needs , to fortune .
New cable car system was put into use in early 2012 has made the path easier Upper Temple . However, with the pilgrims , on their own over each stone , streams , temples , appreciated charming scenery along the way, is a meaningful job , expressing devotion , the heart of the tourists coming to this sacred place .
The journey starts from lamps ( also known as The Temple ) at the foot of the mountain . To reach the National Sample Tay Thien shrine , the pilgrim must rise at a tray of offerings to inform and report to the local land spirits , saints, Buddhist monks visited her , to get clean away peacefully on holy places and then continue the journey . Arrival front nine is tree roots horns , such as challenges to the time .
After Arrival , visitors will pass a distance about 1km leafy green , pass to the next slot Longevity Temple He , tourists began to Tay Thien territory . He is Legend Temple where " He " managed to recruit and raise pro- China forces to take form . Visitors to the temple you can finance , for happiness , fortune , life and good wishes for the grace and love children . That would certainly be the best start for every person while in Western Emperor .
Through temple to temple She is He , than 2km way , church girl , Legend was a child it was the same people, bringing the National Sample help . Beside the temple there Oan stream and old wells , year round in cool water , is also considered a sacred place . Visitors come here and expect to get water from springs and wells to give up her gifts , and drinking a few sips , she is hoping to bless health , mental clarity , serenity .
A little bit will go to Tay Thien Tinh loss . This is a practice of Tantric Buddhist nuns in Tibet. Guests will feel the mystery of nature with jam bubbling streams , deep forests u president , cloud water and gentle pure space , and sublimation are immersed in the sounds of the language and read the specific measures experience of nuns , tourists will actually see my heart relaxed .
Continue through the hanging climbing stone steps , winding pilgrims challenges , the Silver Falls cool as a worthy reward for nature tourists who break legs before upper temple .
Place the end of the pilgrimage is the Upper house . Temple worship God as National Model Tay Thien , all gods and goddess of Tay Thien Tam Dao area . Legend has it that she was born from the sacred flame gas Tam Dao , Hung Zhao Wang married the 7th and had helped King up the enemy , to expand the territory , teaching people to grow rice . Then she was named " Head Son Dai Vuong Tam Thuong Phuc Spirit Level " and the title Tay Thien Quoc form .
End of temple sightseeing Form Tay Thien Quoc , tourists can continue the sanctum of the monastery , visitors will be overwhelmed in a large space and sacred . At the monastery , scientists have found thousands of artifacts dating from the Ly , Tran , Le , Mac , Nguyen and the archaeological sites of Buddhist demonstrated more about the place where Buddhism . Earlier that spring , Tay Thien Zen Monastery also welcomed thousands of Buddhists and foreign tourists for this pilgrimage , incense Buddhist vows and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains Tay Thien .
Tay Thien Festival is one of the largest festivals in the North. Tay Thien Festival was held in her memory to the National Model Tay Thien , lasted 3 days 15 , 16 and 17/2 lunar calendar . The ceremony will be offering statement ; festival processions , dancing xenh money , rowing scene described the legend of Tay Thien Quoc Form expel invaders uniform Jiangshan ; incense ... There are also fun activities such as the construction made ​​rice cake shoe , the material , rowing song , song writer ... ; folk games : folk singing of the San Diu ethnic minority , cooking competition and construction Hu Jintao, making rice cake thickness and tug games , cock fighting , first swinging , human chess , traditional materials .
Road to Tay Thien Ha Noi - Tay Thien ( 85km )
From Hanoi toward Highway 2A , via Vinh Yen City , turn right on the foothills of Tam Dao Chau Commune Co , Tam Dao district , 74 km distance . From here turn left to go west Thien 11 km , turn right as if to Tam Dao resort .
Vehicles : cars , motorcycles are very convenient .


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