Dong Mo

Address: The Dong Mo is a resort town located in Son Tay and part Ba Vi district, Ha Noi.

  Dong Mo Tourist Area includes a water reservoir of about 200 hectares, located in the foothills of Ba Vi, resorts scattered across the island on the lake. Tourists come here is to visit the lake, spectacular mountain views, charming and fishing services, culinary ethnic style. Especially in tourist resorts have a golf Dong Mo famous Dong Mo Golf Course - 36 holes located on the island in the middle of Dong Mo Lake, located in Son Tay town.

According to legend Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh, Dong Mo reservoir area where the water current battle between Son Tinh (god Tan Vien Mountain) and Mercury (god of water) to grab Princess Mi Nuong. In that battle, with Mercury rising water aquatic species to the beat of Son Tinh, Son Tinh allowed to rise high mountains, where the water level rise, such as high mountains, Glass eventually be defeated. So far Ba Vi mountain peaks higher than 1,000 meters, the mountain temple remains

Ecotourism are the same  but Dong Mo has the advantage that no other individual is, it is an area of vast Dong Mo Lake and Phoenix Islands. Maybe so that people who travel here have focused on exploiting this advantage. Resort is divided into three small areas with different travel specialties, forming a closed tour in which meets 3 factors that are nature lovers favorite: relax, entertain and cuisine.


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