King pond

Address: Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi, Ha Noi

King Pond lies just over Hanoi is approximately 60km, it has become a tourist attraction, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors at home and abroad every year. Eco tourism area King Pond stretches to the foot of Tan Vien full of legendary stories such as the story of Hung Due Vuong, Princess Ngoc Hoa, Son Tinh Mountain Spirit, Spirit Glass countries with the war's landslide two gods are forever beautiful legend of the Vietnamese.

Tourism  King Pond exciting and fun with great scenery, romantic, pure ecological environment, characterized spatial humanities. Now King Pond resort is expanding investment: garden birds, garden fairy lore, garden statues Europe, planting trees you ... to improve forest ecosystem. By  King Pond, you'll be pleased that besides excursions, while the remaining can buy a variety of travel products, including fine art flower vases made ​​of bamboo material is unique.


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