West lake Hanoi VietNam

West lake Hanoi  VietNam

Location: Tay Ho district, northwest of downtown Hanoi

West Lake, Hanoi mirror surface, the lungs of the Hanoi area of ​​500 ha with a history of several thousand years. Detour to the 17km long lake. Industry geographical history has proven that the lake is a lingering old Red River after the river has changed course ... By rivers and lakes can change that appeared so many legends about the lake and the lake's name
If you do a walk around the lake and also visit many monuments and landscapes. Nghi Tam village, home to the poet "Ba Huyen Thanh Quan" with Kim Lien Pagoda with unique architecture, the village of Nhat Tan with Cherry blossoms bloom each spring. Then Tao Xuan village with church Saint Giong Soc Temple, Sai village temples Quote Millennium weaving ancestor worship leader, to the village of Ke Grapefruit with traditional craft of making paper ... and most distinctive Quan Thanh Temple.
West lake Hanoi Vietnam is the ideal location for visitors to travel


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