West Lake Water Park

West Lake Water Park
West Lake Water Park
West Lake Park, established May 19, 2000, is located in the entertainment precinct territory Nhat Tan, Tay Ho district, Hanoi. With a total area of ​​8.1 ha West Lake Park with its unique design, colorful modern vibrant combination of a versatile entertainment, Park has become a familiar destination attractiveness capital residents and tourists in the country as well as over 10 years.
Water park has pools of the rich diversity chute, water filtration system according to European standards:
Huge road and huge black pipe
Multi-lane road (6 lanes)
Two road adventure (spin gap)
Two highway
Two spiral "turns" Red - Yellow
lazy River
An action
Swimming massage (an effervescent)
Swimming diving (diving pool)
Small chute (for children)
Large chute (for children)
Water Castle
An elephant saying,
An ox
Ticket prices:
Adults: - Weekdays: 80000 vnd
             - Holidays, Saturday, Sunday: 100000 vnd
Children: - Weekdays: 60000 vnd
-         Holidays, Saturday, Sunday: 80000 vnd

New Solar Park

New Solar Park opened on July 2, 2000 with an area of ​​2.9 ha. The park has 19 games mostly for children, including the game:
Dragon Thang Long Steel
Swing Octopus
Giant Swing
boat shake
Car crash
Swing torque
Swing shrouds
Hao Swing States
Virtual reality-movies
boat crash
The ball
Motorized self drive
Cars drive themselves
Regional wooden castle game
Area uninterrupted game


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