Hanoi house

Hanoi house
Despite being the capital of a poor nation, per capita income is low, but Hanoi is one of the most expensive cities in the world and the price of real estate is not inferior to the rich countries.  This has led the Hanoi residents, especially low-income class, to live in cramped conditions, lack of facilities. According to 2004 figures, 35% of the population lives below the Hanoi 3 square meters per person.  In the town center, the situation of Hanoi house is much more dire. The State also can not afford to support people. Only about 35% of cadres, workers and employees in the distribution.
Due to cultural traditions and accommodation difficulties, the phenomenon of 3, 4 generations living together in a house very popular in Hanoi.
Each year, a new city built millions of square meters, but the price was still too high for most people. Almost 100% of children in families without housing Hanoi, melding live or rent in advance. With prices ranging from 500 million to 1.5 billion a condominium, a people with average income can only be purchased after years of financial accumulation. In addition to the new residential areas rose more more and more, there are still segments of the population to live in these conditions awfully. In An Ocean beaches, the land between the Red River located in Yen Phu, Tu Lien, Phuc Xa, hundreds of families live in bamboo houses roofed building many years ago, no electricity, no schools and no health care and of course no house
The division of the land also upset public opinion. As of 2006, the media questioned the "state losses 3,000 billion approved by the decision of the land value Hanoi People's Committee


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