Ceramic road

Ceramic road

Guinness World Organization has recognized the path of Vietnam's ceramic road pottery painting the world's longest
Ceramic road project was started in 2008, has a length of nearly 4,000 meters, an area of ​​7.000m2 extends from gate to gate Duong Van lifetime with many different themes: Celebrating the artistic heritage tradition of his father from the Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen by the floral motifs of each period, the characteristic pattern on brocade, ceramic paintings of the children of Vietnam and international ...

Before that, the picture of Chinese ceramics with a record length of 200 m, height 7.47 m.

The different stages of the painting pottery made ​​gorgeous way.

Ceramic painting section of the Spanish artist.

Long Bien Bridge Images are reproduced on ceramic painting.

The beautiful pictures on the Red River levees.

Where the mark with images of ThangLong dragon ceramic Ly page.

Pictures stars candlelight procession he was also reproduced on ceramic painting.


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