Hanoi Botanical Garden

Hanoi Botanical Garden
Hanoi Botanical Garden or Botanical Park is a park located in the north-west of Hanoi, was founded in the early French arrived in Vietnam. Currently, the garden is such as green lungs of Hanoi, where nature lovers are immersed in the green leaves and the sounds of the forest, with large trees with arms hug people as witnesses many historical events in the capital.
Nearly old west lakeside, taking advantage of a beautiful lake where the French had built a community here Botanical Gardens. To reduce the monotonous landscape by flat terrain, the garden was designed to fill a low hill named Mount Nung enclosed lawn and created many winding paths under the canopy of lush trees.
Previously, when established in 1890, covers an area of ​​over 33ha garden, backyard and surrounding the entire population of the government palace and French villa. It is available in addition to the trees, scientists are growing collection of rare native tree species from north to south, and experiments leading imported varieties planted exotic species of plants from many parts of the world. To increase the attractiveness and enjoy sightseeing, scattered along the path they built the cages birds. Therefore, the Hanoi Botanical Garden also known as Zoo.
After many ups and downs and changes, today's Hanoi Botanical Garden to be called true to its name. Birds have moved into formerly Saigon Zoo in Hanoi and has a separate area animal is Thu Le Zoo. Botanical shrunk after giving a large portion of land for construction of the historic Ba Dinh, only area on the territory of 10 hectares located in Ngoc Ha Street, Ba Dinh District.
Hanoi Botanical Garden constitutes a miniature landscape includes mountains, forests and lakes.
On the ground of the campus but small botanical garden with many species of rare trees characterize the tropical moist forests of the South. Number of native species accounted for over two thirds of the existing plant, the remaining 1/3 is the more exotic species from the continents of the world: the Americas, Africa, Oceania. The plants also represent them, the system of vascular plants, notably species of gymnosperms and industry angiosperms. At the Botanic Garden visitors have the opportunity to admire the tree species with a diameter of 2, 3 hold, the giant tree trunk that their palm, the trees have long roots women's groups let si, multiple, threads, woody vine species of orchids blooming and showy plants
Besides the diversity of plants, rich, Hanoi Botanical some captive animals like squirrels, long-tailed macaques.
Who has ever lived, stick with Hanoi would realize that's where a little change in the face of the city during the past dozen years. In the middle of noisy streets, Botanic Gardens become a green space, large enough, quiet enough so that people can communicate so much in silence rarity of urban life. Students entertainment, visitors can tour excursions and research on plants, the elderly grandparents also find here a peaceful green space for the operation and maintenance cell aging nursing health. Many couples have chosen this place to express your love, there seems natural for humans to have the same tone. Not only are there numerous grass trees gathered that many birds also pick here is where "good land".
Hall on the campus of Hanoi Botanical Garden is a beautiful place for solemn ceremonies such as weddings, conferences, seminars, birthdays.


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